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Equivalent 300 – 3’500 EUR
Photography from “Fruits of the earth” series, giclee print on enhanced photopaper glued on ecobond.


When I look at an apple or a beet, at the small details of these works of nature, I am overwhelmed by a feeling similar to religious ecstasy. I start feeling the presence of a higher mind, without which it is impossible to create these objects of living matter. Neither my mind nor my soul can believe in the accidental collision of elementary particles, which later led to the facts that I see around.
An act of photography is an acknowledgment of the importance of an object. As well as the desire to share my feelings with other people who may be amazed.
These photographs, taken in the studio, are documentary evidence.
My choice of fruits reflects my life preferences, and they tend for ordinary things. This is what amazes me – an ordinary apple or pumpkin, which is an everyday product, can capture and surprise.
The choice of technical execution is minimal “art”, just “scan” or a photocopy of reality.

Плоди Землi. Фотокопії

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179cmx125cm, 125cmx90cm, 59.5cmx42cm