Igor Gaidai, Photographer

Photographer, founder and co-owner of “GAIDAI STUDIO” and
“CAMERA” Gallery, author of 3 photobooks – “Ukrainians. Beginning of the Third Millennium “(1996-2003),” 9 months + 3 days »(2006-2008),” RAZOM.UA “(2004-2011).

In 1985 he graduated with major in “Cameraman” from the Cinema Department of the Kyiv I.K.karpenko-Kary Theatre Institute (currently Kyiv National I. K. Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Cinema and Television University) . Diploma work “Dragon” with Nikolai Grinko in the title role, director – Antonis Papadopoulos (Greece) on the eponymous short story by Ray Bradbury, was awarded at the festival “Youth” (1984), “WORLD FESTIVAL of Film School” and others.
As member of the initiative group participated in the creation of the Union of Photographers of Ukraine.
1984 – 1986- Lecturer at the Department of Film Directing in Karpenko-Kary KNTCTU (photo lighting and composition).
1987 – 1991 – the photographer-artist, Dovzhenko film studio , Kyiv, Ukraine.
1991 – set up his own studio, which was the first private photo-studio in the country.
From 1995 to present – founder, co-owner and art director of “Gaidai Studio”.
15 years of experience with the world’s leading advertising agencies as an independent photographer.
Since 2002, he left the job in advertising and devoted his time to creating and producing his own author photo projects and promoting of world photography in Ukraine and Ukrainian photo – in Europe, where repeatedly exhibited his projects since 1991.
Part of his studio assined for the gallery ( “CAMERA”), which exhibits the work of Ukrainian and foreign photographers.

Nina Gaidai, Chief Editor / Photographer

Nina graduated from Mozyr music school, then graduated from the P.I. Tchaikovsky Kyiv Conservatory. Since 1996, she started a collaboration with the photographer Igor Gaidai, as a full-fledged partner.
Co-founder of the “Gaidai Studio”.
Chief Editor of the Igor and Nina Gaidai projects.


“EARTH-ERDE” Innsbruck, Austria (collective exhibition)

“Verum in grano” Kyiv, gallery “Camera”, Ministry of Agriculture, Kyiv

” Kerala meditations” Kyiv, gallery “Camera”

“Photocopies. Fruits of the Earth “, the gallery” Triptych Art “, Kyiv, Ukraine
” Visages of Freedom. Maidan “, Frankfurt / Oder, Germany
“Saman”, Gallery «Eastfoto», Grunewald, Germany
” Visages of Freedom. Maidan »,« Speak together », the Hofburg, Innsbruck, Austria
” Visages of Freedom. Maidan “, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

“Visages of Freedom. Maidan “, Lviv, Ukraine
“Visages of Freedom. Maidan “, Chernigiv, Ukraine
“The Universe of Ukrainian bread», ART-KYIV Contemporary, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine
“Visages of Freedom. Maidan “, Chernivtsi, Ukraine
“Visages of Freedom. Maidan “, Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine
“Visages of Freedom. Maidan “, Ukrainian Institute of America, New York, USA
«Nu», Museum of new Art, Parnu, Estonia
“Visages of Freedom. Maidan “, London, England
“Visages of Freedom. Maidan “, Berlin, Germany
“Visages of Freedom. Maidan “, Cultural center« Master Klass », Kyiv, Ukraine
“Visages of Freedom. Maidan “, Gallery” CAMERA “, Kyiv, Festival” Docudays ”
“Visages of Freedom. Maidan »,« M17 », (part.) Kyiv, Ukraine

«STREETSTOP», «ART KYIV 2013», (part.) «Mystetskyi Arsenal”, Kyiv, Ukraine
«STREETSTOP», «ART MOSCOW 2013», (part.) Moscow, Russia
«STREETSTOP», «GOGOLFEST`2013», (part.) Kyiv, Ukraine
“RAZOM.UA» (TOGETHER), ART MOSCOW 2013, (part.) Karavan Gallery, Paris, France
“RAZOM.UA» (TOGETHER), (part.) The National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
«STREETSTOP», Metz, France

“Roofs», Garna Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
«STREETSTOP», GOGOLFEST’2012, Kyiv, Ukraine
“RAZOM.UA», ARSENALE 2012 (parallel program), Kyiv, Ukraine
“RAZOM.UA” Exhibition Complex “Lviv Palace of Arts”, Lviv, Ukraine

“RAZOM.UA”, presentation of the book, bookstore «Ye”, Kyiv, Ukraine
“RAZOM.UA” National cultural and art art museum complex “lMystetskyi Arsenal”
“RAZOM.UA” Festival “Accroche Coeurs”, Angers, France
“Related”, Festival “FEPN 2011” gallery “La Cure”, Arles, France
“RAZOM.UA” Festival “Passage” art, Metz, France
“RAZOM.UA” Festival “Passage” art, Metz, France
“Saman”, Festival of Arts “Passage”, Metz, France
“RAZOM.UA” headquarters EBRD, London, UK
“Half of life ago,” gallery “Fund” and the gallery “CAMERA”, Kyiv, Ukraine
“Metamorphoses. Mongolia. 2010 “CSR” Soviart “, Kyiv, Ukraine

“Related” Gallery “CAMERA”, Kyiv, Ukraine
“Related”, the German Embassy in Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
“RAZOM.UA”, Ukrainian Cultural Center, Paris, France
“Saman”, Festival «FEPN 2010″ gallery “of Baume”, Arles, France
“Bread”, “Ukrainians …”, “9 + 3”, the gallery “Panorama”, Minsk, Belarus

“9 months + 3 days», Vienna, Austria
“Ukrainians …” Film Festival “Youth”, Kyiv, Ukraine
“Ukrainians …” Gallery “5 + 5”, Lviv, Ukraine
“Saman”, “9 months + 3 days», gallery “Kairos”, Kyiv, Ukraine
“Saman”, GOGOLFEST’2009, Art Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine
“SAMAN», «Fine Art» Ukrainian House, Kyiv, Ukraine
“9 months + 3 days», gallery “PRIMUS”, Lviv, Ukraine
“Ukrainian Family”, House of Cinema, Gallery “CAMERA”, Kyiv, Ukraine
“9 months + 3 days», gallery Book Center “Yea”, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

“9 months + 3 days», gallery “Bottega”, Kyiv, Ukraine
“9 months + 3 days», the book edition
“9 months + 3 days», Ukrainian House, Kyiv, Ukraine
“Ukrainians …”, the Hofburg, Innsbruck, Austria
“On the road” s time Jean Bєlondradom, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
“Ukrainians …”, “Media Center”, Toulouse, France
“The Universe of Ukrainian bread ” GOGOLFEST’2008, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine
“On the road” with Jean Bєlondradom, Donetsk, Ukraine
“RAZOM.UA” (TOGETHER), Ukrainian House, Kyiv, Ukraine

a series of “Saman”, GOGOLFEST’2007, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine
“On the road” together with Jean Belondradom Gallery of Art Development Fund, Kyiv, Ukraine
“RAZOM.UA”, Ukrainian House, Kyiv, Ukraine
“AQUA” gallery “Camera”, Kyiv, Ukraine

“Ukrainians …” Palace “portion”, Vienna, Austria
” The Universe of Ukrainian bread “, Gallery of Art Development Fund, Kyiv, Ukraine
“Ukrainians …”, Krakow, Poland
“One house” gallery “CAMERA”, Kyiv, Ukraine

“Ukrainians …” gallery “the Ferme Sarasin”, Geneva, Switzerland
“Ukrainians …”, Gallery «Le Pont Neuf», Paris, France
“Ukrainians …”, “Eurovision”, Kyiv, Ukraine
” The Universe of Ukrainian bread ” gallery “CAMERA”, Kyiv, Ukraine
“Nude”, Gallery “L-Art”, Kyiv, Ukraine

“Ukrainians …”, Wroclaw, Poland

Publication of the photo book “Ukrainians. Beginning of the Third Millennium ”
“Ukrainians. Beginning of the Third Millennium. ” Center for Contemporary Art, Kyiv, Ukraine
” Ukrainians. Beginning of the Third Millennium “,” Art-East “, Kyiv, Ukraine

” Ukrainians. Beginning of the Third Millennium.” “Kodak” office in Ukraine

2001 participated in the exhibition BRAND “UKRAЇNSKE”, Center for Contemporary Art at NaUKMA, Kyiv, Ukraine

1996 two solo exhibitions and publications in the photo magazine “Photoshop”, Leipzig, Germany

1994  personal exhibition at the French Cultural Center, Kyiv, Ukraine

1993  participation in the exhibition «IMAGES D’UKRAINE», gallery “Chateau d`Eau”, Toulouse, France

1991 Exhibition in Haynsburg, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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