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Builders 2


Equivalent 540 – 5’000 EUR

Photography from “Razom. UA” series. Giclee print, printed with archival ink on enhanced photopaper.



A picture of the builders witnesses the nation of creators. Today, the whole world sees the skeletons of houses destroyed by the russians. This is a huge trauma for those who are used to building. Today, builders are taking up arms to protect themselves from vandals.

In this photography there is an element that makes it not only staged, but also documentary. It is a contingency. It can rather damage photography or make it masterpiece.
A group of workers in the right bottom part of the photo are going to have a lunch. They are not aware of hundreds of builders around and above them posing for corporate group portrait.

Фотографія “Будівельники” із серії “Team Spirit”

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110 cm x 200 cm, 55 cm x 100 cm