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Equivalent 540 – 5’000 EUR
Photography from “Razom. UA” series. Giclee print, printed with archival ink on enhanced photopaper.


When I was working on the photo project “”, I really wanted to take a picture of the largest aircraft in the world, which was designed and manufactured in Ukraine. He had a wonderful name “Mriya” (AN-225), which means “Dream” in Ukrainian. This name is very symbolic for a country that is just beginning its path to the world of democracy. Under the wings of this giant are the designers and workers who created it. For me personally, this photo symbolizes the desire for freedom to create. Now this picture is a history, because the russian army destroyed (burned) this work. This is how the russians contradict the existence of our choice. But the dream cannot be burned!

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100 cm x 200 cm, 50 cm x 100 cm