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Photography “Builders” from the “Team Spirit” series

All my life I adored the process of creativity in people, and not even creativity as art, but rather as creation or origination. From early years I was interested in the path of thought, which transforms into orderly matter. For example, as I conceived the idea for “Builders” photography, and then realized it in a documentary artwork. The story of the “Builders” is also about creation: there was a wasteland, but the house grew up, where a plenty of lives and stories will begin, funny and tragic ones. Therefore, this photo illustrates the creativity of human beings, and my compatriots are no exception, because Ukrainians are builders.

In this photography there is an element that makes it not only staged, but also documentary.
It is a contingency. It can rather damage photography or make it masterpiece.

A group of workers in the right bottom part of the photo are going to have a lunch. They are not aware of hundreds of builders around and above them posing for corporate group portrait.