Photographer’s notes. Universe of Ukrainian bread
How do ideas for photography appear? Very simple.
In the mornings I bought bread at a nearby grocery store near the Golden Gate.
While walking to the workshop on Proreznaya Str., I explored its surface. Contemplation brought me into a state close to meditation. In addition, there were thoughts-questions in my head – how it turns out that bread loaves are baked in industrial quantities in factories, and each loaf has its own unique surface pattern. Like human fingerprints, like the shape of a human ear. Then the thoughts flow to another counterpoint – how it is possible to connect such opposites in the concept of “bread” – the most wide-spread, common, daily and repeatedly used product is at the same time the sacred one – in the history of civilization, in work, in religion (the body of Christ, “not one bread”, “Bread and spectacles”, “bread is the head of everything” and so on)?
Interest turned to the history of bread. Another oddity is that bread appeared a far long time ago. In my opinion, the technology of its manufacture is not easy, especially for primitive man. It turns out that bread was known on different continents, almost simultaneously, without communication. It seemed that people got information about bread from outside, from space.
Maybe the idea is “crazy”, but it gave impetus to my choice of visual solution when creating this series of photographs.