The long journey of Paper from its invention in 105 AD in China to European book printing in the XVI century ended with an informational boom on our planet, equal to which could not surpass even the Internet. When I came up with a series of pictures about artificial materials that have had a significant impact on human civilization, I knew in advance that there would be a picture about paper. But how to present it, I did not know. I did not like the attempt to make a composition from different paper products. But finally, as it happens, a simple idea came by lightning – a book. For me, the book is the quintessence, purpose, purpose of the paper, we can say its karma. Then I thought about how to do it. I didn’t want to take down the roots, because it’s more about writers than paper. Nevertheless, meaning exists because the book is a source of information. So I decided to indicate in the caption to the photo all the books that were used for the composition.