On my street, accross from my house, an old house was being destroyed. At the same time, in the backyard of my workshop, someone was remodeling. I acquired a lot of fire wood.

When everything was burned, there were metal things left in the pile such as different caliber nails, staples, door and window hinges, hooks, locks, etc. All this had to go to the landfill or to be thrown out. But I could not do it…I looked at every object, even imagined the people who made and used them. In front of me was the history of human labor. In a broad sense, it is the history of materials, inventions, and transformations. It is also the history of pollution by way of human labor and consumption.

It prompted me to take a picture of all this treasure, and I felt like adding more modern metal artifacts to the pile. This is how the first photo from the “Human Labor” series appeared. There are now three photos: “Metal”, “Plastic”, “Computer”.

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